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Drafting a will is a necessity if you want to take care of your family. Without a will, your assets and property wind up in the hands of the state to be distributed – something you want to avoid if at all possible. At Jarrett Law Office, we can help you create a will that will protect your assets and ensure that they wind up in the hands of those that you specify.

Eliminating Uncertainty

When someone dies without writing a will, it can lead to an uncomfortable situation for those that are left behind. Strong disagreements are common in such situations. Some family may believe one thing should happen with one or more assets, while other family thinks something else should happen. The infighting that can result can be enough to tear families apart. The more valuable the assets, the more violent the disagreements.

By leaving a will, you eliminate all the uncertainty that will result without a will. While there may still be disagreements, you have create a legally binding document that states what you want to happen – what must happen – with all the assets you worked so hard to earn.

A Will You Can Rely On

A will is a powerful tool, but it must be written well to avoid expensive court battles. If the wording is unclear, it is possible for the will to be contested – which can lead to drawn out arguments between attorneys and court battles that usually result in dissatisfaction for all parties.

Our firm can help you create a will that is legally valid and unambiguous. No matter what happens, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your last wishes will be easily understood.

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