To all the grandparents missing their grandchildren…


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In today’s society it often takes a village to raise a child. In many situations grandparents play a vital and important role in the upbringing of their grandchildren.  So what happens when mom or dad decide they don’t want to allow grandparents to see their grandchildren? Do grandparents have rights or are they at the sole mercy of the parents?

Indiana law contains a Grandparent Visitation Act.  If the grandchild’s father or mother are deceased, if the grandchild’s parents have divorced, or if the father has established paternity in court, then a grandparent-not a great-grandparent-can bring an action in court for grandparent visitations.

Biological parents have a fundamental right to control the upbringing of their own children, thus the burden is heavily placed upon the grandparent. The grandparent must demonstrate to the court that it is in the child’s best interest to have visitations with the grandparent.  The court then must come up with a visitation schedule that does not substantially infringe on the parents’ rights to control the upbringing of their children.

Once a petition is filed in the proper county, the court will set a hearing.  In the court’s ruling there must be specific findings addressed in the court order or the order could be overturned.

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