Morgan County Adoptions

Terminating parental rights are taken very serious in the Morgan County courts. However, it is often in the child’s best interest to be adopted by the step-parent or grandparent raising them as his or her own.  At Jarrett Law Office, we have great respect for an individual who loves, protects and provides for another person’s child as if they were their own.  To do this takes patience, love and compassion that not everyone can provide.

There are circumstances in which the biological parent cannot object to the adoption.  For example, if a biological parent fails to maintain significant contact for a period of one year, then the adoption can take place even if the biological parent doesn’t agree.  If the Department of Child Services is involved then the child may be adopted if the biological parents fail to demonstrate progress.

In Morgan County, one must have an attorney to file for an adoption.  New case law has determined that the step-parent or grandparent must have specific reports completed by a licensed adoption agency. Jarrett Law Office is up to date with new case law and can walk you through the entire adoption process.  Additionally, if you are fostering a child involved with Morgan County Department of Child Services, Jarrett Law Office has experience working with DCS and helping you get the adoption fees paid for by the state of Indiana.

Jarrett Law Office is offering reduced rates of $750 for step-parent and grandparent adoptions for the month of August only.  This is a savings of over 50 percent!

Contact Jarrett Law Office for a free consultation.  Let us help you through this process and make the child you have been raising legally yours!  765-342-5581

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